Selecting Data


When you create a report you may not want to include every cost item in your cost breakdown structure. All Report Designers have data selection capabilities. A typical data selection page is show below:



Selection Levels

Three independent selection levels are provided, working in series. The illustration above shows:


Level 1: selection of cost item family 2.1

Level 2: selection of a cost item total of $100,000 or more

Level 3: selection of Fred as task manager in the identification field of that name


This selection will extract those cost items whose numbers begin with 2.1 and have a total cost of $100,000 or more and which have Fred as their task manager.


At each selection level you choose a selection mode, followed by one or more specific instances within that mode. In the example above, the selection mode at level 1 is cost item family, and the specific instance is the 2.1 family of cost items.


Initiating a Selection

Click on the New Selection button to initiate a selection at one of the three selection levels. The Selection Mode form will appear, which enables you to specify a selection. When you have completed the selection process, your selection will appear in the box above the New Selection button.


Changing a Selection

Clicking on the Change Selection button will bring you back to the last stage in the selection process so you can modify your selection. If you wish to go back to an earlier stage you will have to start the process again using the New Selection button.


Deleting a Selection

To delete an existing selection, click on the Delete Selection button for that level. Be aware that this will also delete all lower level selections as well.