Creating a Cost Breakdown Structure


The first thing you must do after opening a new datafile is create a cost breakdown structure.


1.  Click on General Edit in the Editing section of the menu bar. The Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) form will appear. The illustration below shows a typical cost breakdown structure.



2.   At top left of the display area on the CBS form you will see the level zero item which was automatically created when you created the new datafile (lesson 1). This will have the form:

0          <datafile name>     or

0000     <datafile name>

depending on the numbering system you have chosen.


3.   Click on the Add Child button at top right on the form. A level 1 item will be added (1. or 1000, depending on your numbering system). Type a name for this item into the Cost Item Name box immediately above the display area.


4.    Either click on the Add Sibling button to add more level 1 items (2., 3., or 2000, 3000), or

click on the Add Child button again to add a level 2 item (1.1 or 1100).

In all cases name each item as you create it.


5.   You don't need to complete the breakdown structure at this time, because you can come back to it later. However, an item must exist in the breakdown structure before you can enter data into it.