Entering Defined Cost Data


In this exercise you will enter some defined cost data using the unit prices you created in lesson 6.


1.   Click on the General Edit menu item on the menu bar, then select a cost item for input by double-clicking on it. The Cost Data Entry form will appear, displaying that item.


2.   Click on the Defined Cost tab near the top of the form.


3.   Click on Add Items on the Defined Cost page. The Price Selection form will appear, showing the price definitions you entered in Lesson 6. Select one or more of them.


4.   The units in which costs are to be entered (hours, days, tons, etc.) will be shown to the right of the price name on the Defined Cost page. Enter a suitable value into the Base Amount box if you are in base+contingency mode, or into the Mid Range box if you are in High/Mid/Low mode.



5.   Use the Confidence Level drop-down list at the right hand side to insert a contingency or variance.


6.   Switch from Percent mode to Actual mode (click on Show actual in the control box at top left of the form, immediately below the Help button). Observe the effect it has on the Contingency box.


7.   Click on Show Costs on the Defined Cost page to display your input in monetary terms. Note that you cannot input data in this mode.


8.   When the cost data has been entered to your satisfaction, click on Save & Exit.