Entering Direct Cost Data


In this exercise you will enter some simple direct cost data for one of the cost items you created in lesson 4.


1.   Click on General Edit in the Editing section of the menu bar. The Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) form that you used in the previous lesson will appear.


2.   Select a cost item for input by double-clicking on it. (Alternatively, click on it to select it, then click on the Data Entry button.) The Cost Data Entry form will appear, displaying that item.



3.  You can choose whether to insert data in base+contingency mode or high/mid/low mode in the box marked Cost Entry Mode (about halfway down on the right hand side of the form). Leave it in base+contingency mode for now.


4.   Click on the Direct Cost tab near the top of the form.


5.   Click on Add Cost on the Direct Cost page. A cost element data entry row will appear. Enter 10000 into the Base Amount box. You should not enter a currency symbol with the cost amount, since the currency is defined separately. The currency will be your base currency, although you can change this if you wish.



6.   You can enter a name for this cost element if you wish, but it is not necessary to do so with only one direct cost element in the cost item. However, if you create more than one direct cost element you must give all of them names.


6.   Use the up/down buttons next to the Contingency box to enter a contingency level of 5%. If the up/down buttons are not visible, enter an actual contingency amount, e.g. 500.


7.   Use the Confidence Level drop-down list at the right hand side to select various confidence levels and observe the effect this has on the Contingency box.


8.   Switch from Percent mode to Actual mode (click on Show actual in the control box at top left of the form, immediately below the Help button). Observe the effect it has on the Contingency box.


9.   Click on the Summary tab at top left on the form, and in the Summary page select high/mid/low mode in the Cost Entry Mode box.


10.  Go back to the Direct Cost page (click on the Direct Cost tab) and observe how the data entry row has been changed. Select a new confidence level from the drop-down list and observe the effect of this.


11.  When the cost data has been entered to your satisfaction, click on Save & Exit.