Cost Breakdown Structure Definitions


Sibling:                     related cost items on the same level in the cost breakdown structure are known as siblings. For example, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are all siblings of each other.


Child and Parent:      a cost item which descends from another one is known as a child. The one it descends from is its parent. For example, 2.1.1 is a child of 2.1, and 2.1 is its parent.


Descendants:            all the children of a cost item and all their children are known collectively as the descendants of that cost item. For example, 2.1.1,, and are all descendants of 2.1.


Family:                     a cost item and all its descendants are known collectively as a family.


Ancestor:                  the cost item from which a family descends. When you create a new datafile, Mandrel automatically inserts a level 0 cost item, which becomes the ancestor of all other cost items.