Actions Editor


The Actions Editor is accessed via the Actions page of the Cost Data Entry form, and allows you to enter and edit individual actions.



Each action has six user-accessible fields:

    1.  Action Description

    2.  Actionee

    3.  Status

    4.  Due Date

    5.  Priority



Action Description

Enter details of the action to be performed in the Action box. You can use up to 150-200 words of text. Every action must have a description.



Enter an actionee name in the Actionee box. Every action must have an actionee. Actionee names constitute a ‘sticky’ list, so that any names entered here will become part of the drop-down list attached to the Actionee box.



Enter the action status by selecting one of the options in the Status frame:


Action Status

Open The action is required to be completed by a specified date
"Give me a report on this by the end of this month"
Ongoing The action is to be carried out until further notice
"Give me a report on this once a month"
On hold The action is need but for some reason cannot be completed at this time
"We need a report on this, but there are more urgent things to be done first"
Closed The action has been completed
"Thank you for your report"



Due Date

If the action status is open, enter the date when the action becomes due in the Due Date box. Due dates are only applicable to open actions.



Select one of the options in the Priority frame (Normal, Urgent or Critical) . Since the default option is Normal, you can ignore this frame if it is not relevant to you.



You can add ongoing comments to any actions, to a limit of 700-800 words per action.