Price Selection Form


The Price Selection form is accessed from the Cost Data Entry form when adding defined costs to a cost item.



Selecting/Removing Price Elements from a Short List

If you have sufficiently few price definitions that they can all be displayed on the Price Selection form at once, you can select what you need by clicking on the required items. To select every item, click on Select All. Those items shown highlighted will be the ones that will appear on the Cost Data Entry form when you return. To remove an item from the selection, simply click it so that its highlighting disappears.


Selecting/Removing Price Elements from a Long List

Selection is done in the same way as for a short list, by clicking on individual items. However, you may not be able to show your entire selection in the viewing window if individual selections are from widely different parts of your list. In such cases you can show your selection by clicking on Show Selection. When you do this, the Select All button becomes the Clear button. You can then remove individual items from your selection by selecting them and then clicking on Clear.


Clearing the Selection

Click on Clear All to remove the entire selection.


Finding a Price Element

Type the name, or part of the name, into the Find box, then click Go. If found, you will have the opportunity to add it to your selection.


Displaying a Price Group

If you have a large number of price elements, it is helpful to divide them into discrete groups. If you have done this, you can display any group by selecting its name from the drop-down list. Selecting a new group will not affect any existing selection.


Editing Prices and Price Groups

You cannot create or modify prices or price groups using this form. Use menu command Setup Menu/Prices for this purpose.