Mandrel and @Risk


The Monte Carlo 'engine' that performs the analysis is contained in Palisade Corporation's @Risk software, which is not provided as part of Mandrel. However, in order to use @Risk you must insert special spreadsheet formulas into your spreadsheet.


Deciding which type of @Risk formula to use and actually creating the formulas can be a task for experts. Mandrel guides you through the decision process, creates the formulas for you, and inserts them into your spreadsheet.


Any Excel Spreadsheet

You can use the Mandrel @Risk formula creation and insertion capability with any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Mandrel Datafiles

You can use the @Risk formula creation and insertion process with Mandrel datafiles. Mandrel will extract cost data from your datafile and create an independent spreadsheet report into which you can insert @Risk formulas for later analysis. You can either use the default report which Mandrel will provide, or design your own.


Using @Risk

Both Mandrel and @Risk are, in effect, large macros which sit on top of Microsoft Excel. Unfortunately, they cannot co-exist together, so when you have inserted the relevant formulas into your spreadsheet using Mandrel, you must exit from Mandrel before you can use @Risk.