Price Groups


Price definitions can be collected into named groups for ease of handling. Any price definition can belong to one or more groups. You can display any group on the Prices form by selecting it from the drop-down list in the Select Group frame. You can also display and select entire price groups from the Price Selection form when entering defined cost data.


In this exercise we will assume you have collected a sufficiently large number of price definitions, either by manual input or by importing them, so that you now need to organize them into groups for ease of handling.


Bring up the Prices form via menu call Setup Menu/Prices, then  click on the Define Group button. This will bring you to the Price Groups form.



The Price Groups form has two main display panels. The left hand panel shows the contents of the current group while the right hand panel normally shows the complete set of price items. However, it may optionally show only those items which are not part of any group.


Creating a New Group

1.   Click on the Add Group button (bottom left of form).

2.   Enter a name for the group into the pop-up form that will appear.

3.   Click on price items in the right hand panel to add them to the group.


Removing an Item from a Group

1.   Either locate and click on the item in the right hand panel so it is no longer highlighted,

2.   Or drag and drop the item from the left hand panel onto an unoccupied part of the form.


Showing the New Group

When your new group is complete, click on Exit to return to the Prices form. Check that the group has been correctly formed by selecting it from the Select Group drop-down list (top left corner of the Prices form). When you do so, the main display area should show only the members of your new group.