Actions Report General Format


The Actions Report Designer General Format page allows you to control those aspects of formatting which apply to the report as a whole rather than to individual fields.




Page Size

You may size your report for printing on any page size supported by Mandrel (letter, legal, B-size, A4 and A3).

If you select a page size which is not supported by your printer, an error will occur when you generate the report.


Page Orientation

Portrait:        your report will be formatted for portrait mode.

Landscape:   your report will be formatted for landscape mode.

Automatic:    the software will choose the most appropriate orientation (portrait or landscape) when formatting your report for print.


Font Types

You may specify the font type independently for the column titles and the report body.


Column Titles Format

If you have used different formats for different fields in the report body, the column title row in the report body can have an uneven look. To override these formats with a single format for the title row:

1.   Click on Override field formats in the Column Titles Format frame

2.   Insert the desired format.


Row Background

You can provide a specified background color for some or all of the rows in the report, which will override any individual field formats, as follows:

1.   Click on Override column colors in the Row Background frame.

2.   Select a background color

3.   Select the color application:  all rows, odd-numbered rows, even-numbered rows, or title row only.



You can select internal and exterrnal border widths, or dispense with borders altogether.