Conditional Formatting


A conditional format is a format that is applied to a particular field if and only if a particular condition is met.


Field:          Total Cost

Condition:   $100,000 or more

Format:       red text color

Values in the Total Cost field will be displayed in red if they are $100,000 or more, otherwise they will be displayed in the normal text color for that field.


Conditional Formatting Availability

Conditional formatting is available with the cost register, actions report, risk matrix report, and weighted cost report.


Setting Up a Conditional Format

Setting up a conditional format is a two-part process. The condition is defined first, then the format.

To attach a conditional format to any field, bring up the Report Designer for that report type, click on the name of that field to select it, then click on the Conditional Format button. This will take you into the condition selection process. When you have finished this the Conditional Format form itself will appear.

If a conditional format is already attached to a field, the Conditional Format button will turn red when you select that field. Clicking the button will then take you straight to the Conditional Format form.


Selecting Conditions

Conditions for use with conditional formats depend on the field type.


All Numeric Fields

All conditions relating to cost fields and percentage fields are specified in terms of a range of values: greater than or equal to, less than, or between two values.


Date Fields

A date field could be an identification field or it could be a system field such as Last Update.

All conditions relating to date fields are specified in terms of a range of dates: on or before, on or after, or between two dates.


Identification Fields  (other than date fields)

If the field is a text field, the condition will be specified in terms of a string of text which might appear in that field.

If the field is a list field, the condition will be specified in terms of specific entries in that field. For example, if you have an identification field called Task Manager, with list entries of Alice, Bob, Chris and Diane, you can select one or more of these names as the condition.


Cost Item Number Field

The cost item number field is treated as a special case. Selecting this field for conditional formatting provides four different options:

1.   Format will apply to one specified cost item only;

2.   Format will apply to a cost item family, i.e. a specified cost item and all its descendants;

3.   Format will apply to all cost items at a given level in the cost breakdown structure;

4.   Format will apply to subtotals at a given level in the cost breakdown structure (the overall total is regarded as the level 0 subtotal for this purpose).

Options 3 and 4 are only available for cost register reports.