Cost Item Summary Cost Block


The Cost Block page of the Cost Item Summary Report Designer allows you to define the content and format of the Cost block. This includes a summary of the cost data for that cost item, plus its cost history. If a cost allocation system has been defined, data can optionally be shown for each allocation block, or for all blocks combined.


If you wish to show the data for a single allocation block only, you must select that block on the General Design page, since this selection can potentially affect more than just the Cost Block.


CIS Designer Cost Block


General Content

The General Content frame provides three mutually exclusive options for displaying cost data:


Show individual cost elements:         shows each direct and defined cost element in the cost item.

Show cost totals only:                      shows only the direct cost subtotal and the defined cost subtotal. This is typically used when there are too many individual cost elements to be shown on the page.

Show risk impact details:                 shows the details for every risk impact. This option is, of course, only used with cost items that have been declared as risks.


In addition to these mutually exclusive options, the following non-exclusive options are available:


Show cost history:                           the cost history block may be shown or not shown by selecting or deselecting this option.

Include variances with costs:            each cost element may be shown in the form Cost +X% if the cost item is in base+contingency mode, or Cost +X%-Y% if the cost item is in high/mid/low mode. Disabling this function will show only the cost value.

Include taxes with costs:                  subtotals and totals will be shown inclusive of taxes. Since individual cost elements are not shown with taxes, the bottom line total will be greater than the sum of the individual cost elements if this option is enabled and taxes have been applied.

Show each cost allocation block:      the report will be divided into separate sections for each allocation block, plus an overall totals section showing all blocks combined. This option will only be available if a cost allocation system exists.


Cost History

Cost history can be shown in terms of changes only, or in terms of a complete cost statement whenever a change was made.

Cost history can be shown in latest first (default option) or earliest first.


Report Currency

Cost item summaries can be shown in any currency. You can define the exchange rate to be used between the chosen currency and your base currency. Any rates entered in this way will not be permanently stored, so you can use this capability to answer 'what if' questions without accidentally leaving an unrealistic exchange rate in store.


Unit Prices

All defined costs have an associated unit price, and each unit price can be defined in terms of a range of values (nominal, high and low). You can select any one of these three values to calculate costs for this report.