Designing a Cost Item Summary


The Cost Item Summary is a one-page report about a single cost item. It consists of four major blocks. The space on the page apportioned to each block can be controlled. Any block can be removed if it is not required.


Header Block

Up to four lines of data containing identifying information about the cost item. Each line can have up to 10 different fields.


Description Block

The description block contains the cost item description and any general comments. In addition, if the cost item is a risk item, this block can display a small risk matrix showing the probability and impact assessment for that risk.


Cost Block

The cost block contains a summary of the cost data for that cost item, plus its cost history. If a cost allocation system has been defined, data can optionally be shown for all blocks combined, or for a single block only, or for each block individually.


Actions Block

Any actions associated with the cost item will be shown in this block. In addition, if there is a need for formal approval of a cost item, an approvals block with space for signatures can be shown as part of the actions block. Up to four names can be shown in the approvals block. If the cost item is a risk, the closure criteria can also be shown here.


Report Groups

Cost Item Summaries can be produced for a single cost item, or they can be produced for a pre-defined group of cost items in a single operation.


Design Process

In order to design a cost item summary you will need to consider some or all of the following:

a)   the blocks to be included in the report and their relative sizes

b)   the number of header lines and the content and formatting of each line

c)   the information to be included in the description, cost and action blocks

d)   the approvals block, if any

e)   whether a single report or a series of reports is to be included

f)   headers and footers on the printed report