Cost Item Summary Header Block


The Header Block page of the Cost Item Summary Report Designer allows you to set the number of header lines in a cost item summary report, together with their content and format. It is recommended that a cost item summary report should have at least one header line.


You can have up to four header lines. Each line can contain up to ten data and/or text fields.


CIS Designer Header Block


Selecting a Line

Click on one of the four buttons labeled Header Line 1, Header Line 2, Header Line 3 or Header Line 4. The fields currently in that line will be shown in the main display area.


Selecting Fields

Each header line can have up to 10 fields. Each field can be a cost field, a non-cost field or a text field.


Cost Fields

A cost field is any field containing cost-related data which is specific to the cost item, such as Total Cost. Click on the Add Cost Field button to add a cost field. The Cost Field Definition form will appear, enabling you to specify a particular cost field.


Non-Cost Fields

Non-cost fields in this context include both cost-item specific fields such as Cost Item Name, and general fields such as unit prices or tax rates. When you click on the Add Non-Cost Field button, a list of data categories will appear. Selecting a category will cause the individual fields in that category to appear. Select one or more of them.


Text Fields

A text field contains user-defined text, e.g. XYZ Corporation. Click on the Add Text Field button to define a text field. Text fields will appear in the report exactly as you have typed them.


Data Field Names

Each cost or non-cost field will normally be shown in the report as the data field name followed by the data value for that field, e.g. Cost Item #: The field name will, by default, be the name shown in the main display area. You can replace this name by typing a new name into the Field Title box above the main display area, or you can dispense with it altogether by simply deleting the name shown in the Field Title box.


Changing Field Positions

The top-to-bottom order of the fields shown in the main display area is the same order as the fields will have left-to-right in the current header line. Select a field and use the Move field up/down arrows to change its position.


Deleting Fields

Select the field in the main display area, then click on the Delete Field button.


Field Widths

You can adjust the widths of fields in a header line. Since header lines extend across the entire report, their overall widths are fixed, so increasing or decreasing the width of any one field requires that the widths of the other fields in that line be adjusted to compensate. Mandrel does this automatically.


Changing an Individual Field Width

To change a field width, click on the left/right arrows to the right of that field in the main display area. (When you do this, the field display lines will contract to show their relative sizes, and field names may temporarily disappear if they cannot fit into the reduced width.) When you have finished adjusting, click on the Show field widths box to the right of the main display area to restore the display.


Locking an Individual Field

To lock a field width so that changes to other fields do not affect it, click on the Lock box for that field to the right of the main display area.


Equal Widths

To make all field widths equal, click on the Equal field widths box to the right of the main display area. This will remove any field locking previously applied.


Field Appearance

You can select font size, bold, italic, text color and background color for each field in each line. You can apply the same format to every field in a line by checking the Entire line box, or you can leave it unchecked and apply different formats to different fields.


Line Height

Line height is not under direct user control. When a report is generated, the height of each header line is automatically adjusted to accommodate the largest font size which appears in that line.


Field Alignment

You can select the alignment (left, center, right) for each field in each line. All fields are left aligned by default. You can display field alignments by clicking on the Show alignments box next to the display area.


Decimal Places

You may select the number of decimal places to be shown with any numeric fields.