Cost Register Data Selection


The Cost Register Designer Data Selection page provides the standard data selection process for the report body, plus preselection and level zero item handling capabilities.


Cost Register Data Selection Page



When you add a new cost item to the cost breakdown structure it will not contain any data until you insert it via the Cost Data Entry form. The preselection option allows you to include in your report only those cost items which contain data. Alternatively, you can include all cost items, regardless of whether they contain data or not.

To see which items have data, bring up the Cost Breakdown Structure form and click on Show Filled. Items with data will be shown in blue, empty ones in black.


Level Zero Cost Item

Every datafile has a level zero cost item which is automatically inserted when datafile is created. This can be shown as the first item in a cost register, or you can elect not to show it. Click on the appropriate choice in the Level Zero Cost Item frame.