Report Designer General Controls


All Report Designers have the same set of general controls at the top of the form:


Save As Default causes the configuration set up on the form to be saved as the default configuration.
Save As Custom causes the configuration set up on the form to be saved as a named, custom configuration.
Save overwrites the configuration being edited with whatever is set up on the form.
Make Report creates a report using the current configuration. Make Report does not save the configuration.
Local Save used in conjunction with Make Report to permit an immediate return to the Report Designer after creating a report. This is used typically to check the appearance of a report when developing a new configuration.
Cancel causes an immediate exit from the form without saving anything. The x-button at the top right hand corner of the form has the same effect as Cancel.
Date Format specifies the format in which dates will be shown in date fields and in headers & footers. This will override the date format set up when the datafile was first opened.
Screen Size defines the screen magnification (zoom factor) to be used when creating the report.
Units allows physical dimensions such as column widths and page sizes to be shown on the form in either inches or centimeters. It has no effect on the report itself.
Help displays the main Help screen for that form.


The Save and Save As Custom commands are similar to the Save and Save As commands in other software such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Save overwrites existing data while Save As Custom saves it under a new name.