Risk Matrix Report


The risk matrix report is a report confined to risk items, i.e. cost items whose probability has been defined as less than 100%. It consists of a risk matrix surrounded by sidebars identifying individual risks. Each sidebar is connected to the matrix by an arrow to show its location on the matrix.

Matrix Example


A risk matrix report can show impact in terms of a particular objective, such as cost or schedule or safety, or it can show an overall impact combining all objectives. While the impact axis on the matrix shows only a simple numeric scale, an impact table is normally shown below the impact axis describing the various impact levels. Explanatory text can be shown above the matrix.


Risk Matrix

The risk matrix itself is user-definable. You can specify the matrix size (from 2x2 to 10x10), the number of zones and their configuration, the colors used for each zone, and the probability scale (linear or decade).