Risk Matrix Top/Bottom Fields


A risk matrix report can have explanatory text above the matrix (‘header text’) and a table defining the impact values below the matrix. These are known as the top and bottom fields respectively.


The Top/Bottom Fields page of the Risk Matrix Report Designer allows you to select and format these fields.


RMR Top Bottom Page


Header Text

To insert header text, type the required text into the Header Text box. Text can be up to 1024 characters (approximately 150-200 words) in length, including spaces.

The header text area is limited in size, so the text will be truncated if it is too long. Reduce the text or the font size if this occurs.


Header Text Format and Layout

You can specify the header text appearance (font size, text color, bold, italic) and alignment (left, center, right).


Impact Table Format

The impact axis on the matrix is annotated only with impact level numerical values. An explanatory table defining what each impact level signifies is normally shown beneath the matrix, but may be hidden if not required. (click on Hide impact table to hide it.) You can specify the format of this table (font size, text color, bold, italic).


Impact Table Content

The contents of the impact table will depend on the Impact Data selection you have made on the Basic Design page of the report designer.

1.   If the default option (all impacts combined) is chosen, the impact table will show the cost impact scale.

2.   If a single impact is chosen, the impact table will show the scale for that impact.

3.   If one or more non-cost impact scales exist but there is no cost impact scale, and the All impacts combined option is chosen, the impact table will not be shown.