Defining Risk Impacts

Impacts are defined via the Risk Impact form (menu call Setup Menu/Risk Impacts).

Risk Impacts

Adding a New Risk Impact

Type the impact name into the first empty row. You can have up to 16 different impacts Overall Cost is always present.

Defining an Impact Scale

You must have an impact scale for each impact. Click the Define Impact Scale button next to the impact name to define a scale. When you do this, you will be asked whether the impact is to be cost-only or non-cost.

Impact Weighting

You can dial up the impact weighting factor for each impact using the appropriate set of up/down arrows on the right hand side of the form. The default weighting is 100%, so you do not need to use these controls if you are not using impact weighting.

Removing an Impact

Select the impact to be deleted, then click on the Delete Impact button.

Impacts which are in use in your datafile cannot be deleted, and will be restored when you exit from the form. The Overall Cost impact cannot be deleted.

Display Positions

If you have many impacts it can be convenient to display them in a different order than the order in which they were originally defined. Use the Change Position control to do this.

Risk Impacts Report

Click on the Make Report button to create a printable report showing every impact plus its impact scale and its weighting. Weights will not be shown if they are all 100%.