Non-Cost Impacts

A non-cost impact is a risk impact which is based on considerations other than cost. Typical non-cost impacts might be safety, schedule, quality, or reliability.

Non-Cost Impact Assessment

Each non-cost impact requires an assessment scale based on situational descriptions. For example, a scale for reliability might be:

  • Level 1: Occasional failures will occur under high stress conditions
  • Level 2: Occasional failures will occur under normal conditions
  • Level 3: System availability will be noticeably affected
  • Level 4: System availability will be unacceptable to the user
  • Level 5: System will be effectively unusable

To assess a non-cost impact, you decide which of these situational descriptions is closest to the predicted effect of the risk, should it occur.

Associated Costs

Some non-cost impacts may have associated cost increases. You can build such costs into your impact scales as associated costs.

Associated costs do not have any affect on the assessment level of a non-cost risk.