Creating a Subfile


Menu command:     Tools Menu/Subfiles/Create Subfile


The cost breakdown structure of your current file will be shown. Select the cost item you wish to export as a subfile. A new file will be created with that cost item at its head, together with any descendants it may already have, and any cost item data associated with them.


All the general data and report configurations in the current file will be included in the new subfile.


Removing Sensitive Data

There may be some sensitive data in the general data that you do not want to include in the new subfile. You can remove such data immediately after creating the subfile. However, general data inherited from the parent file cannot be removed at a later date.


Limitations to Subfile Creation

You cannot create a subfile from a cost item if an ancestor or descendant of that item has previously been exported as a subfile.


For example, if you have exported cost item 2.0 as a subfile, you cannot then export 2.3 also, because that would allow two independent versions of 2.3 and its descendants to exist, one in the 2.0 subfile and one in the 2.3 subfile. Similarly, if 2.3 has been exported as a subfile, you cannot then export 2.0.


If 2.3 exists as a subfile and you decide that you need to have 2.0 as a subfile, you must first delete the 2.3 subfile. Use the Tools Menu/Subfiles/Delete Subfiles menu command for this.